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Solitaire Engagement Rings in Costa Mesa, CA

A true showstopper. Explore our captivating collection of elegant, timeless solitaire rings.


Celebrate with a Solitaire Ring from Nathan Alan

Our Very Best Solitaire Rings

With an array of stunning choices, our breathtaking solitaire engagement rings in Costa Mesa, CA can be as unique as the love you share. Discover our captivating collection and imagine how you would create the ring of your dreams. With options for round, princess-cut, emerald-cut, oval solitaire engagement rings and so much more, Nathan Alan has something for everyone. 

Visit South Coast Plaza’s only independent jeweler and discover how we craft brilliance into every love story with exceptional quality, personalized service, exquisite design & great value. Find captivating solitaire rings designs and our very best engagement rings in Orange County.

Celebrate with Nathan Alan Jewelers. Call us at (714) 545-8337.

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Our Collection of Magnificent Diamond Solitaire Rings

Get inspired below with our beautiful variety of custom engagement rings, then visit Nathan Alan, our award-winning jewelry and engagement ring store in Costa Mesa, to turn your vision into a reality!

Ready to Buy a Solitaire Diamond Ring in Orange County?

Count on Nathan Alan Jewelers to provide expertise, help try on rings, and answer questions about solitaire diamond engagement rings so you can decide with confidence. Discover your exquisitely tailored, high-quality masterpiece that will forever inspire conversations and compliments, and become the perfect expression of your love.

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Combine a Solitaire Engagement Ring with Wedding Band

The solitaire engagement ring pairs beautifully with a wedding band featuring diamonds or other stones and is designed to enhance the brilliance of that special centerpiece. With this timeless combination, you'll have a stunning reminder of your commitment for years to come!

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Solitaire Engagement Rings Orange County - Nathan Alan Jewelers

Frequently Asked Questions about Solitaire Engagement Rings

💍 What Is a Solitaire Ring?

The solitaire is a classic and eternally popular engagement ring. Comprised of a single diamond center stone mounted in a simple setting, it is an elegant, timeless design. It is perfect for highlighting the diamond's brilliance and shine and is always a showstopper. The solitaire can feature any size or shape of diamond or gemstone and can be crafted in platinum or white, yellow or rose gold.

💍 What are the most popular solitaire diamond shapes?

Some of the most commonly requested solitaire ring settings include:

  • oval solitaire engagement ring
  • round
  • cushion cut
  • pear solitaire
  • princess cut
  • emerald cut
  • asscher-cut

Many additional settings delight our customers. Visit Nathan Alan or give us a call at (714)545-8337 to get your solitaire ring questions answered.

💍 What Size Stone Should a Solitaire Ring Feature?

The size of the diamond or other gemstone in a solitaire ring is measured in carats will depend on several factors including personal taste and budget. Some popular sizes include:

  • 1 carat solitaire diamond ring
  • 2 carat
  • 3 carat

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Nathan Alan Jewelers has served the community of Southern California for over 44 years. We are family owned and the only independent jeweler in Orange County’s famous South Coast Plaza. Visit us today or call (714)545-8337 to reach our experienced team.

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