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How We Source Our Diamonds


At Nathan Alan, center stone diamond sourcing is all about finding the best diamond available to meet all of our customers’ requirements and expectations while working within their budget. Our team will explain our selection process and how we discover the best options for you. Give us a call at (714) 545-8337 if you have any questions.

Most jewelers deal with a couple of diamond sources to locate their diamonds. Even the largest diamond suppliers in the world will only have a small amount of their inventory that meet our standards. Consequently, Nathan Alan opens its search to the entire U.S. and sometimes beyond to meet our customers’ guidelines and expectations. For example, if you are looking for a 3 carat diamond engagement ring within a certain budget, we can source multiple options for you. Finding and selecting these ideal cut diamonds requires diamond sourcing experience, expertise, tenacity and patience. We are always sourcing for our customers, the Best of the Best” diamonds. Experience the Nathan Alan difference.

The vast majority of diamond engagement rings that are popular today have small to very small round diamonds, called melee, used as accent stones. They can be set in a band, accenting a solitaire diamond center stone or set completely around a center stone in a halo style ring. A large majority of diamond melee purchased by jewelers have inconsistent clarities, colors and cut grades, and ultimately are set in the jewelry they produce. Nathan Alan uses diamond melee that are consistently cut with the very best technology. Every diamond is made proportionally consistent in each and every dimension. The idea behind purchasing these ideal cut diamonds is to give our customers the most beautiful diamonds possible delivering the highest possible brilliance, fire, and sparkle. You are likely to find these special cut diamonds set in watches from the top brands in the world such as Rolex, Chopard, and Audemars Piguet.

Nathan Alan rings are handcrafted and custom made to order by our elite quality craftsmen. They are all designed based on the shape and exact measurements of the center stone selected. All of our rings are available in Platinum, 18k white, yellow, or rose gold. Nathan Alan’s standards of quality and craftsmanship and attention to detail when paired with our ideal cut diamonds results in a product that outshines all others with unmatched beauty. Experience the Nathan Alan difference.

Common FAQs About Diamond Sourcing

💍 What Does Ethical Diamond Sourcing Mean?

Ethical and responsible diamond sourcing means that diamonds are obtained in a way that does not bring harm to the people or environment involved in the process. Labor and environmental regulations will be in place and adhered to for the safety and integrity of workers and the natural resources.

💍 What are the Most Popular Forms of Diamond Sourcing?

Diamonds are mainly sourced through deep-earth mining and through alluvial mining on the floor of the ocean and in riverbeds. Reputable jewelers will avoid mining by hand and informal alluvial mining, both of which are often not well regulated

💍 What Type of Diamond Sourcing Does Nathan Alan Practice?

Nathan Alan sources diamonds and purchases diamonds from ethical suppliers that adhere to the US Department of State's Kimberley Process. Introduced by the United Nations in 2003, the Kimberley Process is an international, cooperative diamond monitoring system designed to eliminate the flow of conflict diamonds. Today, conflict diamonds, as depicted in the 2006 movie, Blood Diamond, are essentially eliminated from the market with 99.8% of diamonds certified conflict free through the UN Mandated Kimberley Process.