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Orange County Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Lab Diamonds = Real Diamonds

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At Nathan Alan, our exceptional earth-mined diamonds and exquisite lab grown diamonds are both at your fingertips. We source industry certified lab diamonds to create engagement rings of any style and size. As you browse our fine jewelry collection, consider the benefits of lab grown diamond rings and more. Get started today.

Our Rings & Jewelry Can Be Custom Made with Lab Diamonds

Nathan Alan Jewelers is your experienced and reliable family jeweler for the most beautiful lab-created diamond engagement rings in Orange County, CA. We are located in the world famous South Coast Plaza. Come visit and see why we are the preferred choice for Costa Mesa lab grown diamond engagement rings.

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Costa Mesa’s Best Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab created diamond rings are exploding in popularity. Why? Because lab grown diamonds are real diamonds that come with authentic diamond certifications and hold the same physical and chemical properties as traditional diamonds. With a lab grown diamond ring, you’ll get radiant diamond color, shape, size, and clarity grades with two main differences: these precious stones are not mined from the Earth and are on average 50% lower in cost. 

Learn The Basics: Lab Diamond vs Natural

Choosing a Lab Created Diamond Ring

Good news: The process for choosing an engagement ring does not change when it comes to lab grown diamonds! You can have the same confidence with lab diamonds, backed by essential industry certification. Our stunning line of engagement rings can be customized for the most popular and adored settings and styles including:

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Benefits of Choosing a Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Nathan Alan Jewelers now includes the exquisite choice for lab diamond engagement rings. The many benefits offered by lab diamonds include:

  • The most beautiful larger diamond options at the best prices available
  • Meticulously and masterfully created by experts
  • By avoiding mining, the environmental footprint is reduced 
  • The Federal Trade Commission recognizes Lab Diamonds as real
  • Tested as authentic diamonds by The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) 
  • Differences between lab diamonds and natural cannot be seen with naked eye
  • Skillfully cut to maximize the quality of the diamond
  • Created for engagement ring settings by our world-class craftsmen
  • Ready to be uniquely customized for your loved one!

Lab Created Diamonds

Frequently Asked Questions for Lab Grown Diamond Rings

💍 What Is a Lab Created Diamond?

A lab grown diamond is manufactured in a controlled laboratory environment. Scientists can now create diamonds that look nearly identical to earth-mined diamonds, have the same chemical and physical attributes and receive certification through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

💍 Are Lab Diamonds Real?

Yes, Lab Grown Diamonds are just as real earth-mined diamonds. Just like Natural Diamonds, they have shape, size, color and clarity grades. Both Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural both come with diamond certifications and have the same physical and chemical properties.

💍 How are Lab Grown Diamonds Made?

Lab Grown Diamonds are certified diamonds grown in a Lab using two popular methods:

    • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) - A “seed crystal,” is placed in a small chamber, filled with gases that are heated, layers of carbon begin to form on the seed crystal, creating a square-shaped diamond crystal.
    • High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) - Replicating the earth’s process of forming Natural Diamonds, a natural graphite is placed in a large machine where extreme pressure and temperatures crush it, changing the graphite into a diamond.

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Now is the perfect time to consider a stunning lab grown diamond engagement ring. We look forward to your visit at Nathan Alan Jewelers, where we’ll welcome you, work to make you comfortable and confident in one of life’s most significant purchases.

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