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Our Very Best Hidden Halo Rings

Make your forever statement with our stunning line of hidden halo engagement rings in Costa Mesa, California. Our carefully curated hidden halo rings are meticulously crafted to captivate the heart and ignite a sense of everlasting romance. 

Featuring round, pear-shaped, hidden halo oval engagement rings and so much more, Nathan Alan has something for everyone. 

Visit South Coast Plaza’s only independent jeweler and discover how we craft brilliance into every love story with exceptional quality, personalized service, exquisite design & great value. Find the top hidden halo ring designs and our best engagement rings in Orange County.

Celebrate with Nathan Alan Jewelers. Call us at (714) 545-8337.

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The Most Exquisite Varieties in Halo Rings

We invite you to explore our captivating range of hidden halo diamond rings and more, where every hidden halo embodies the perfect blend of sophistication and celestial charm, offering a symbol of everlasting love that transcends time.

Visit Nathan Alan, our acclaimed jewelry and engagement ring store in Costa Mesa,  to turn your vision into a reality!

Ready to Buy a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring in Orange County?

Count on Nathan Alan’s team members to provide guidance and expertise, help try on rings, and inform you to make a decision with confidence. We’ll help answer your important questions about hidden halo diamond rings and additional options.

Classic designs exist worldwide, but at Nathan Alan Jewelers, you’ll find an exquisitely tailored, high-quality masterpiece that will forever inspire conversations and compliments.

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Hidden Halo Engagement Rings Orange County - Nathan Alan Jewelers

Frequently Asked Questions about Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

💍 What Is a Hidden Halo Ring?

A hidden halo ring is a type of engagement ring or other fine jewelry that features a central gemstone, typically a diamond, which is surrounded by a 'hidden' layer of smaller diamonds. This additional layer of smaller pave’ set diamonds is placed beneath the central stone, creating the illusion that the main gemstone is floating or surrounded by a shimmering halo of light.

The smaller diamonds are usually set in a way that makes them less visible from the top, giving the impression of a larger, more prominent center stone while still providing extra sparkle and brilliance. This design enhances the overall appearance and perceived size of the central gem, adding an extra touch of elegance and luxury to the ring.

💍 What Are Other Common Names for Hidden Halo Rings?

Hidden halo rings are sometimes referred to as an:

  • under halo engagement ring
  • invisible halo ring
  • secret halo engagement ring

Many additional settings delight our customers. Visit Nathan Alan or give us a call at (714)545-8337 to get your halo ring questions answered.

💍 Can You Add a Hidden Halo to a Ring?

Yes, it is possible to add a hidden halo to a ring, provided the design and structure of the ring allow for such modifications. However, it's crucial to consult with a skilled and experienced jeweler who can assess the feasibility of the modification and ensure that the addition of a hidden halo complements the existing design of the ring.

At Nathan Alan, our experienced team can help determine the best approach for incorporating a hidden halo while maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the ring. We’ll provide guidance on the types of gemstones and settings that would work best for the specific ring, taking into account factors such as the size, shape, and setting of the central stone.

💍 What are the Most Popular Styles and Shapes for Hidden Halo Rings?

Some of the most common styles and shapes for hidden halos include:

  • hidden halo oval engagement ring
  • double hidden halos
  • cushion cut
  • emerald cut
  • pear engagement rings
  • round engagement ring
  • 6 prong
  • solitaires
  • marquise
  • cathedral

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