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Quick Guide to Types of Engagement Ring Settings

Everything you need to know about selecting the perfect setting for your engagement ring

Where do I start?

You’ve decided to get engaged. But once you arrive at the jewelry store, it seems that deciding to spend your life with someone is an easier decision than choosing the ring. First to know, these are the five most popular engagement ring categories.Types of Diamond Ring Settings

  • Halo
  • Plain Solitaire
  • Side Stone Solitaire 
  • Three Stone
  • Vintage


Beautiful artistry. Graceful design. Several smaller stones surround a single stone to create the memorable “halo” effect, while framing the shape and glamour of the center stone. This creates the overall effect of a larger center stone. The halo functions to hold the center stone securely in place, delicately providing protection for the stone.

Plain Solitaire

Iconic. The most classic. Simple elegance. A single diamond or gemstone showcased above the band set on the metal of your choosing with no accents. The focus is center stage on the stone you choose for her. A solitaire is sometimes referred to as a classic solitaire, Tiffany solitaire, four or six prong solitaire, or a single stone solitaire.

Side Stone Solitaire

Exquisite Accents. Side stones are set into the metal accenting the main diamond or other gemstone. Smaller diamonds add beauty and sparkle to the ring. Generally the side stones are pave’ set, channel set, or shared prong set. Side stones provide contrast and added sparkle to complement the center stone and enhance the overall beauty of the ring.

Three Stone

Enduring and Sophisticated. The center diamond or gemstone is accented by one stone on each of its sides. The center stone is usually larger than the two side stones. All three stones can be the same shape or the two sides can be different shapes from the center. A Three Stone Ring elegantly portrays the symbolism of past, present, and future.


Delicate Details. A Vintage Ring can be created in variations of the other styles when accompanied with milgrain beading, decorative engraving, beautiful scroll work or filigree detailing. Vintage designed rings are often referred to as art deco, antique, or estate styles. A custom vintage styled ring in the hands of a highly skilled designer can be exceptionally crafted today.

Specialty Rings to Consider


Create your own custom one of a kind engagement ring that will be a beautiful representation of the love you are celebrating. Select a jewelry store with top quality craftsmen and an experienced team skilled at design, fabrication and hand setting. Any ring can be made exactly to your very own specifications.

Bridal Set

A bridal set are two or three complementary rings. A bridal set includes an engagement ring and matching band, while a wedding set will also include a band for him.

Oval Center Engagement Ring with Diamond Under Bezel
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Common Engagement Ring Setting FAQs

💍 What is a Ring Setting?

The setting refers to the body or shank of the ring and the metal area known as the gallery or head that the diamond or other precious stone gets set into.

💍 What Does Pavé Mean in Jewelry?

Pavé, from French, literally meaning "to pave" or "paving," refers to a setting with several small diamonds or other gemstones closely placed together to accent the center stone. Typically pavés are placed close enough so that the metal beneath them no longer shows.

💍 What is the Most Popular Engagement Ring Setting?

The diamond solitaire continues to take the most popular spot among engagement ring settings. It can include variations on the classic plain solitaire which features a single diamond (or other gemstone) set on the metal above the band.