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Exceptional Huntington Beach Jewelry - Engagement Rings & More

Visit Nathan Alan Jewelers, located in the world famous South Coast Plaza, providing exceptional diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands and more. Discover why we are OC’s favorite “next to” Huntington Beach jewelry store.

Call or text our experienced team today to book your appointment at (714) 545-8337.

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Call or text our experienced team today to book your appointment at (714) 545-8337.

South Coast Plaza
3333 Bristol St Ste 1875
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 545-8337

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Our store is located on Level 1 near Carousel Court
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Fine Jewelry Huntington Beach - Nathan Alan Jewelers

Nathan Alan - Unequaled Jewelry Store Near Huntington Beach

Just a short drive from Surf City USA, Nathan Alan Jewelers is South Coast Plaza’s only independent jeweler. With over 40 years of proud service in Orange County, we are now a popular destination for all of Southern California. As industry leaders in custom jewelry and engagement rings, see how our stunning collection rivals jewelry stores in Huntington Beach, CA.

Your loving gift deserves a confident selection. Some of our most cherished offerings include:

Engagement Rings Huntington Beach, CA - Nathan Alan Jewelers

Stunning Engagement Rings near Huntington Beach

Choosing an engagement ring is one of life’s most existing and meaningful purchases. That’s why we recommend that our neighbors in HB make their way down to nearby South Coast Plaza for an appointment. Some of our immensely popular engagement rings include unlimited variations of:

You’ll have the opportunity to customize the perfect ring for the one you love. There’s a lot that goes into choosing an engagement ring. Let the Nathan Alan team of experts walk you through types of ring settings and answer your most important questions. Our job is to help inspire full confidence in your selection. 

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Wedding Rings Huntington Beach - Nathan Alan

Huntington Beach Wedding Rings & Wedding Bands

Discover timeless elegance with our exquisite collection of wedding bands for men and women at Nathan Alan Jewelers. Each piece is crafted with precision and attention to detail, reflecting the everlasting commitment of love. Our men's wedding bands showcase a blend of classic and contemporary styles, featuring high-quality metals such as platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. For women, our selection encompasses a range of designs, from sleek and modern to intricately adorned with diamonds or other precious gemstones.

Whether you prefer a traditional, understated band or a more elaborate and personalized design, our expert jewelers are dedicated to helping you find the perfect symbol of your union. Explore our curated collection and celebrate your love story with a wedding band that transcends time and expresses your unique bond.

Huntington Beach Lab Diamonds

Looking for a lab created diamond? Nathan Alan specializes in finding only the most gorgeous lab grown diamonds in all shapes, sizes, and qualities for our customers. We can source and create your ideal lab grown diamond ring that will exceed your expectations. Give us a call now at (714) 545-8337 to learn more about lab created diamonds and how we can source the best of the best for you and your loved one. 

Lab Diamond Engagement rings Huntington Beach - Nathan Alan

What to Expect During a Nathan Alan Appointment

We welcome you to bring along your loved one, a trusted guest or arrive on your own for your personalized appointment at Nathan Alan Jewelers. When you schedule an appointment with us, you’ll have our undivided attention as we guide you through the many distinguished options you may already have in mind.  Appointments are your opportunity to:

  • View and try on our collection of diamond rings and fine jewelry  
  • Get your essential questions answered
  • Have a relaxing and rewarding personalized experience
  • Learn about our ethically sourced, GIA certified diamonds and gemstones
  • Ask about lab grown diamonds - an affordable new option with real certified diamonds

FAQs about Fine Jewelry & Engagement Rings near Huntington Beach

💍 Which diamond shape sparkles the most?

The brilliance and sparkle of a diamond are influenced by various factors, including cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. However, when it comes to diamond shapes, the round brilliant cut is widely renowned for its exceptional sparkle and fire.

The round brilliant cut is specifically designed to maximize the reflection and refraction of light within the diamond, resulting in a dazzling display of brilliance. Its 57 or 58 facets are strategically arranged to interact with light, creating a captivating and sparkling appearance. This shape has been consistently favored for its ability to showcase a diamond's brilliance and hide any imperfections.

While other diamond shapes, such as princess, cushion, and oval, can also exhibit remarkable sparkle, the round brilliant cut is renowned for its unparalleled brilliance. It's essential to consider personal preferences and style when choosing a diamond shape, as different shapes may appeal to individual tastes. Our knowledgeable staff at Nathan Alan is here to assist you in finding the perfect diamond that suits your preferences and requirements for a truly stunning piece of fine jewelry.

💍 Do you offer lab created diamond engagement rings and jewelry?

Yes, at Nathan Alan we provide options for both naturally mined earth diamonds and lab grown diamonds. Which to choose is typically based on personal preferences and budget. Lab diamonds are certified as real diamonds by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

💍 Can I customize my engagement ring with the metal I want?

Absolutely! At Nathan Alan, we understand the importance of personalization, especially when it comes to engagement rings. We offer a range of metals to choose from, allowing you to customize your ring to match your style and preferences.

Common metals for engagement rings include Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Two-Tone or Multi-Tone.

During the customization process, our expert jewelers will work closely with you to ensure that your chosen metal aligns with your vision for the perfect engagement ring.

Diamonds Huntington Beach - Nathan Alan Jewelers

About Huntington Beach, California

Southern California’s beloved city of Huntington Beach, in the heart of Orange County, has been a surfing haven for decades. Home to the International Surfing Museum, its iconic Pier plays backdrop to the annual US Open of Surf competition. The Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, stretching along Pacific Coast Highway, is the protected wetlands hosting diverse sea and wildlife. A true tourist destination, Huntington Beach draws over 11 million visitors each year.

Esteemed Among Jewelry Stores in Huntington Beach, CA

If you’re coming from nearby Huntington Beach, CA, our location is easy to get to in the popular South Coast Plaza. We’re located just off of the famous carousel. Jewelers throughout Orange County know and trust the reputation and expertise of Nathan Alan Jewelers. We look forward to your next visit just down the road from HB.

Give us a call at (714) 545-8337 and plan your next visit today.

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